KFSD History

State of Kuwait was among the most important states which followed the development quickly after exploration of oil, where the great need for the available of fire services for Kuwaiti society from one side and for its connection with other sectors in Kuwait from other side.In 1946, Kuwait people were using primitive methods to fight fire by using donkeys and mules to pull water cab.For a1947,tankers supplied with a hose and a pump to help people in extinguishing fire.Another tankers was brought to be an assistant in 1949 and according to the increase of fire services need. In 1950, fire brigades were supplied with a new four vehicles with 30 fire men, until fire station was established in public works garage and was called station (2), another in shuwaikh called station (3) supplied with a vehicle and (16) fire men joining to public words and municipality brigades. During 1959-1960, in old port a fire station was established, called station No. (5) supplied with an ambulance, a tanker, a year after number of secondary school graduates worked in fire stations, fire fundamentals, and sent to UK to be qualified as fire officers.